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Simulation Training

Race Face Brand Development has entered into a partnership with RaceCraf1 to provide the very best in race simulation training and technology. RaceCraft1 CEO Kelly Jones was a US Air Force Academy Graduate as well as an F-16 Mission Commander and Instructor. Kelly retired as a US Air Force Major and has taken on a new career as a High-Performance Driving Instructor.  We also provide some of the best simulator instructors in the business that includes Chase Austin, Robby Unser, Logan Seavey, David Porcelli, and John Allen. Simulation training is an excellent way to get up to speed and plays a major part in any driver's development no matter what level of racing you compete at.




  • RaceCraft1 places the race engineer/crew chief with the driver to observe everything the driver does in real-time as it happens. Learning points are highlighted and car setups are adjusted in a timely fashion by pausing training for immediate discussion, and making setup changes with a few clicks on the keyboard and mouse. Training then resumes, the team applies that specific lesson and the effects of the car changes are sensed right away.


  • RaceCraft1 training techniques are modeled after rigorous, field-proven US Air Force methods that train and evaluate rated combat fighter pilots, both in the air and on the ground. You at 100 mph can benefit from techniques and lessons learned at 1,000 mph.


  • RaceCraft1 training can be repeated without risk to equipment or personnel until the driver’s best response becomes second nature.


  • RaceCraft1 combines this diverse expertise with conventional race engineering using professional data and telemetry tools. The driver interacts and communicates with the RaceCraft1 coach/instructor in the same way as between driver and race engineer or crew chief.


  • RaceCraft1 eliminates the typical delays of data and video download plus pit lane or garage wrenching. At RaceCraft1, the feedback is immediate, the scenarios are repeatable, and the lessons are retained.


  • RaceCraft1 is Cost-Effective and offers one of the best training ROI’s in the sport. Featuring invaluable seat time at a fraction of on-track cost, RaceCraft1 benefits the series, the sponsor-partners and the teams because it benefits the drivers.