A good brand doesn’t just happen…

it’s a well thought out strategic plan.

A good brand doesn’t just happen…

it’s a well thought out strategic plan.

What makes our brand development program different

Race Face Brand Development is changing the way Motorsports Marketing and Promotions are accomplished for drivers, teams, and corporate entities on and off the track. Our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience and successes in driver coaching, media, marketing, and branding. MORE INFO

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that taken together, account for a sponsors decision to partner with a particular driver or team over another."

Race Face Directly Addresses:

  • The gap between a driver’s desire and dreams...
  • A strategic blueprint to advance a driver's career...
  • Assistance in placing a driver with the correct team...
  • The ability to assist in attracting a sponsor/partner with the same vision...

Driving you to success takes a team… Are you ready to cross the finish line?


Kevin Sokol Father/Team Owner

"Being part of the Race Face Team has been a great partnership for Sokol Motorsports, Colby Sokol Racing and Justis Sokol Racing in this fast-evolving sport or auto racing. Rod and the teams continued efforts of building the brands for Colby and Justis the Race Face Team educates and mentors them on growing all social media outlets along with all aspects of Driver development."

Jesshill Love Team Owner

"We have had multiple opportunities to work with branding companies both prior to and after our Race Face engagement.  No other company provides a complete start to finish platform, such as Race Face.  Rod and Carol care deeply about what they do, their drivers, and their success.  Race Face is their life, they live it every day, they truly care, and it shows.  They are constantly improving their product and platform for the benefit of their drivers and teams.   We have enjoyed every step of our journey with Race Face and recommend them without hesitation."

Keith Valento Father/Team Owner

"We have been a part of the Race Face family since February 2018.  We have learned more about branding and marketing, as related to the racing business, than we could have ever imagined.

The support and guidance we receive from Race Face is amazing and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them."

Robert Alfredo Father/Team Owner

“Rod Wortham and the Race Face organization are very professional and honest people. The Race Face presentations, marketing decks and representation have been superior and on point. Rod has become a good friend.”

Jesse Love Driver

TRD Driver

"In the racing world it has been clear to me and many others how important it is to have great PR management, and I’m able to race well knowing that this is taken care of with RFBD. Everything from my website to weekend updates are taken care of as well! To make it in the racing world you have to be committed, and that’s what Race Face is, committed!"

Joe Valento Driver

Race Face NEXT Driver

"We signed with Race Face at the beginning of 2018.  Since then my branding skills and talking skills have improved greatly!  We are very proud to say that we are part of the Race Face Family."

Denis Murphy, Founder

Friends of Jaclyn Foundation

“Partnering with Race Face Brand Development and their drivers has been transformational for Friends of Jaclyn, to say the least. Rod Wortham and his team have changed the lives of children battling pediatric cancer and they've brought pediatric cancer awareness to another level through our Pit Crew Partners Program. What I can’t put in words is the impact that Race Face drivers have had on our community as they are leaders on and off the track. Their persistence and motivation to help sick children through the “Pit Crew Partners” is beyond inspirational. We are blessed to be partnered with Race Face and all the angels on their team!" 

Richie Iest Family

"Rod and his entire team have done an outstanding and exceptional job with Joey Iest Racing!! Highly professional and most personable!!! Bi monthly group webinars are extremely informative and most helpful for drivers and parents on multiple topics! Great driver coaching tools for on and off the track! Rod is outstanding in pursuing and negotiating with sponsorships. Most personable and #1 team in marketing , branding , social media and driver coaching!"


Race Face Brand Development announced the launch of its NEW Online TV platform called Race Face TV. The new channel is all about giving young racecar drivers the opportunity to step into the spotlight where they can share their story, their dream, and their love for racing while introducing themselves to the racing community.  The online network currently hosts two different shows and a variety of podcasts including Dale Jr Download with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Race Face TV is also a great place to keep up to speed with your favorite racing series news as we feature RSS News feeds from NASCAR, Indy Car, F1, and Speed Sport just to name a few. 

Race Face Driver Updates: This show highlights current drivers racing under the Race Face and Race Face Next banners, we keep fans updated on their progress with weekly updates. 

Race Face Spotlight:  Get to know our drivers on a more personable level plus look for special guests from the racing community.


Career Development

At Race Face Brand Development, we are much more than just your typical marketing agency because we focus on the past, present and the future. Our number one priority is to assist in developing a career path to accomplish your long-term goals.

Brand Development

A driver’s brand is perhaps the most valuable asset in furthering a career in Motorsports.  So, developing a stronger brand is your most important task! As a professional your brand is a reflection on your reputation in the marketplace and often viewed as your resume. 

Partnership Opportunities

Race Face Brand Development delivers unique branding opportunities for small or large corporations that are interested in leveraging
the popularity of motorsports to market their goods or services.