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Press Releases

The racing community, especially media outlets, are constantly looking for unique insight and exclusive stories about young racers. A good press release strategy represents the key to a valuable communication with journalists, influencers, investors, and potential sponsors.  A boost in website traffic via press releases (and any other type of quality digital content for that matter), by simply optimizing the key elements of your copy, including keywords, headlines, videos, photos, hashtags, and description is a major benefit to any racing program.

“You simply cannot go wrong with this tool because press releases are designed to be controlled by their creators in terms of targeted audience and messages to enhance online visibility and popularity with potential sponsors.”


Measured Results. Your Metrics.

Full reporting for your campaigns and content. Understanding your

efforts provide insights for maximum ROI.



Track Performance for Your Content


 Performance Data

Our Analytics provides you with the tools to understand your content engagement and performance across media channels. Get a real-time snapshot in seconds.


 PDF Reporting

A customized PDF Report is available for Premium Submissions and can be downloaded directly from your member panel. Each PDF contains a detailed listing of the exact URLs where your press release has been published to. Share this report with colleagues and stakeholders.

 Email Opens & Clicks

Email campaigns can be easily tracked using our analytics. You are able to review your open rates and click thru rate when implementing our tracking URL. The ability to measure ROI on each campaign will give you confidence at every stage of engagement.



Social Media Engagement

Shares, Likes, Tweets and G+1 are part of today’s online conversation. As social media becomes an increasingly important marketing vehicle, it’s vital to understand how it affects your brand, messaging and public perception. We help you track your Facebook Likes and Tweets in our Analytics.

We Track the Location of Your Readers

See where your readers are and where your story resonates. From all across the US and the World we get a detailed report that tracks the views of your press release and newsroom to ensure you reach your targeted audience. Then we concentrate on areas that we are not reaching to make sure your brand is being seen by all race fans and even potential marketing partners.

Add Analytics for Comprehensive Data

Want to include your Google Analytics? You can add your own Google Analytics code to your member panel and gather more comprehensive data for your team. We make it simple and easy. The tracking is directly applied to your content pages.

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Press Release Examples


Career Development

At Race Face Brand Development, we are much more than just your typical marketing agency because we focus on the past, present and the future. Our number one priority is to assist in developing a career path to accomplish your long-term goals.

Brand Development

A driver’s brand is perhaps the most valuable asset in furthering a career in Motorsports.  So, developing a stronger brand is your most important task! As a professional your brand is a reflection on your reputation in the marketplace and often viewed as your resume. 

Partnership Opportunities

Race Face Brand Development delivers unique branding opportunities for small or large corporations that are interested in leveraging
the popularity of motorsports to market their goods or services.